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Final artwork is coming in...
The final bits are all coming together, making some slight tweaks to the gameplay mechanics and hope to have a Release Candidate ready for the testers within th...
Testing, testing...
Testing is well underway and I will hopefully have a release candidate in the nearish future... experience tells me not to make any actual promises in terms of...
The rats are BACK!
After a long hiatus due to real life and stuff, I'm working on finishing The Rat Pack again. So is my awesome artist, whose final version of the main menu scre...
First preview of The Rat Pack
Nice write-up of the open beta here:
OBT package updated
Change log: - Bug fixed affecting enemy colonies raiding you on levels 1-6 which should not have been possible - Bug fixed with enemy raids occurring on success...
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Open Beta is now live!
The Open Beta Test has gone live! Please see this post for details...
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Progress Report
Things are progressing, not as quickly as I'd hoped perhaps, but they are progressing. I have testing Missions 1-11 so far - I want to be certain that every mi...
Open Beta details
Following a poll on Twitter which was overwhelmingly in favour of the idea, I will be launching an open beta of The Rat Pack in the near future. This will effe...