A downloadable Rat-tastic TBS! for Windows

The Open Beta Test has gone live!  Please see this post for details.

The full version of the gamejam entry here - https://captaind.itch.io/the-rat-pack-mags-version

It will be a text-based, turn-based strategy game that expands significantly on the idea behind the game jam version.

Art by Antoni Langen.


You're a young rat trying to make his way in the world, and start off with a small commission from King Rat.  By setting up colonies in different locations, completing mission objectives and rising up the ratty echelons  you can eventually hit the big time - but it won't be easy!

Do you have what it takes to be a true leader among rats?

The story will be split into 3 Chapters:

- Humble Beginnings (well a rat's gotta start somewhere, you know?!)

- Moving on Up (Still in the country, but living life lush!)

- The Modern Urban Rat (this is it boy, we're moving into the city!  YAY... but beware all the extra humans of course...)

Each Chapter contains 5 Missions with its own specific objectives, as you slowly start from the yuckiest places to grander surroundings (eventually

As you progress through the missions, more options will open up so that eventually you will be juggling many options such as foraging for food, digging to expand your next and food storage area, scavenging for treasure which can then be spent on upgrading your Rat Lab and skills such as Trap Evasion, raiding rival rat colonies, improving your rank by sending to tribute to King Rat, who you can then ask for help.  

The final game will feature 3 difficulty levels and 100 achievements.

Please note - until game is actually released, some / most screenshots are WIP.

Install instructions

Unpack the zip and run winsetup.exe for options or ratpack.exe for game.


The Rat Pack - OBT v1.01.zip 67 MB

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