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Markus, the young apprentice of a local potion master, has barely started his apprenticeship when trouble began - his master, Zabella, was found lifeless (but not quite dead) on the floor of her own underground lab. The local doctor can only do so much, leaving it up to Markus to investigate his master's mysterious collapse and -hopefully- find a way to cure her.

Made in three weeks for the MAGS competition: Healing. Boldly untested. Save often 

Graphics / coding / additional puzzles and story design - Antoni Langen (Kastchey)

Story / puzzles /  sound design - Dave Seaman (CaptainD)

Music courtesy of FreeSFX.co.uk 

Updated 20 days ago
Published 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
TagsFantasy, Point & Click

Install instructions

If downloading from browser:

- Unzip Potion Master MAGS.zip 

- Run mags0822.exe for the game, winsetup.exe for config.

If using the Itch app, click Install and then run the game exe or setup exe as required from within the app.


Potion Master MAGS.zip 51 MB
Linux.zip 57 MB

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