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The very first Captain Disaster short story was, if memory serves, written way back in 1999.  Since then there have been various editions of the collected stories released, but I am going back to revise them - correct errors, make improvements, and make the character a little more consistent with who he has become over the course of several stories and games - to then create the audiobook versions.

My plan is to release the first episode and an initial low price (final price will be $10,99) so that early supporters will get all the episodes for less.  Each of the 11 episodes will be released individually along with an accompanying PDF, and when all the episodes are done I will also release the collection in a single volume.  (The individual episodes will remain available of course.)


12th June 2019 - A teaser for Episode 1 is now available.

13th June 2019 - Teaser audio now available directly as YouTube video.

14th June 2019 - Episode 1 released

1st July 2019 - Episode 2 teaser now available

4th July 2019 - Episode 2 released

18th September 2019 - Episode 3 released + Ep. 3 teaser

(a little later than planned due to real life stuff including being burgled... but hopefully getting back to a reasonable schedule now)


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

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Episode 2 complete.mp3 6 MB
Episode 3.pdf 152 kB
Episode 3 complete.mp3 6 MB

Download demo

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Episode 2 teaser.mp3 462 kB
Episode 3 teaser.mp3 421 kB

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Sounds cool.

Thanks!  Sorry I didn't reply, been trying to get the first episode revised (done) and recorded (trying to get some quiet time to do it).  More news soon! :-)