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Winner of "Best Non-Adventure Game made with AGS" at the AGS Awards 2022.

Snow Problem is a game in which you collect snow. There are obstacles to stop this being easy of course, so you need to create extra terrain on the game screen to guide the snow to the bottom of the screen. Added some terrain in the wrong place / somewhere that was helpful but isn't any longer? No problem, you can delete it. Oh, and did I mention that there are also different obstacles that will melt your snow?

Many levels contain areas that change the colour of the snow, and you will need to collect a certain amount of each colour to complete the level. As you complete levels, more levels unlock for you to play. The full game will have 100 levels. Every level will be tested by the developer to ensure that it is definitely completable, so if you fail, you know it's your own fault! :-)

You'd think that 100 levels to tease your brain would be quite enough, but no! The game also contains a built-in level editor which will allow you to create up to 100 levels of your own.

The game features 24  pieces of (mostly well-known) classical music  to help you chill out a little while you stress out over how to beat a level.

Playing the game with a mouse is highly recommended, it's designed with precise control in mind which you may find difficult to achieve with a trackpad.

UPDATE 4th November 2022 - I have added 7 bonus levels, courtesy of Ramon, Lorenzo, my daughter and myself.

With thanks to Lorenzo Boni @lrzbn, Steven Don @shdon,  Berke Sayıl @berkesayil, Łukasz Mikołajczyk (@KurasiuPL)and @CSH_Picone  for feedback / testing.

UPDATE 17th July 2023 - game speed and mouse control improved, extra features added (press X to get a little extra time if you've nearly run out, and test a level you're creating directly from the editor), and 5 new bonus levels.

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A huge thank you to everyone who voted for the game at the AGS Awards - it won "Best Non-Adventure Game Made With AGS"!! :-)

I've beated all 100 puzzles in Snow Problem. They were challenging, but they were right for me.

It was a pleasure to play!


Congrats, you're the first person I know of to have beaten all 100 levels!! :)

The Steam version is now out! If you bought the game on Itch you will be able to also get a Steam key for the game.

If I've set things up correctly, Patrons will also be able to claim a Steam key via the Itch page as well.

The final demo makes the snow a little less problematic 😁

Not so much that I should change the game's name though, right? Anyway wait till you see the later levels in the full game 😁

Dude, I would love to score some synth for this... Unless you already have music ☃️

Thanks so much for the offer. I've decided that this game needs a classical soundtrack but I love synth music and will definitely look up your work / keep you in mind for future projects.


It was a pretty great demo, but I felt a little dumb :d I couldn't get past level 4 for some reason, but I 100% know it's my fault as well haha I hope you finish this into a full-fledged game. Good luck!

oh, also alt+tab broke the game for me and I had to restart maybe you should know


Thanks man! I have a feeling the Alt-Tab thing in Fullscreen is linked to it being 8-bit colour, which I may have to ditch so I can speed up the gameplay (sadly might mean a big load of coding for me but nevermind!). Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game! I have already made a couple of changes that make the game slightly easier, may well release an updated demo at some point.

Obligatory update on demo version 2 because this thing fucking rocks! Sorry about the language but I mean wow. Performance improvements are really on point my laptop totally felt that. Also did some things about drawing change it felt waaay less clunky than the first version. I also really enjoyed all 10 levels but maybe some levels are too easy? It's the first 10 levels so I'm okay with it but you should definitely spice things up. Really enjoy seeing this game progress keep up the good work!


Dude, please! Language. But really glad you enjoyed the updated demo. I may release one final iteration as I've cleared up an annoying bug.

Certainly I didn't want any levels that were too difficult in the demo, not that it's exactly following a linear difficulty progression throughout the levels, but generally I want to put the toughest ones last. What each player finds difficult is quite variable too, but will you hate me for the design of some of the later levels?

Yes... yes you will. :-D

I guess I needed a shovel to push down the snow at the end :P

Level 8 is (deliberately) pretty tricky! I didn't want players to just breeze through every level of the demo ;-) Might make a couple of changes to ease things up just a touch in the full game. I hope people don't play it and think "if 8 is so tough then later levels will be impossible..." The difficulty won't go up every single level.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play the demo and make a video :-)