A downloadable A free fishy game for Windows and Linux

Made for the MAGS January 2021 game jam on the theme "Under The Sea", Shoaly You Can't Be Serious is a fast and fun 1 or 2 player arcade game in which you gather as many fish to yourself as possible - but be careful!  Sharks, nets and electric eels will hinder your progress to become the boss fish!

Native resolution: 1600x900

Version with more options coming soon.

Install instructions

Either play via Itch App or unzip SYCBS.zip, then select winsetup.exe for options, SYCBS.exe for the game.

Linux... er... use the Itch App or do whatever you normally do?!?


SYCBS.zip 16 MB
SYCBS_Linux.tar.gz 19 MB

Development log


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Features planned for the full version:

- 4 difficulty levels (affects how many enemies appear)

- Score multiplier based on difficulty level

- Fish density (how quickly and how many fish appear)

- Endless mode (just keep swimming!)

- Virtual aquarium (want to just watch the fish go by without playing?  You can!  Cheaper than both keeping a real aquarium or deep sea diving)

- Will make the sea gradients look a bit more fancy

Toying with the idea of another creature or two to help or hinder you, or simply as background scenery.

Okay guys what's your highest score?  I just reached 680458 which is the highest I've ever got in 1-player mode.

Haven't had a chance to play in 2-players mode yet, but I've enjoyed playing the game alone. Simple, arcade fun!

Highest score so far: 714884.

Very impressive!