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A long, long time ago, in this galaxy, I wrote a set of short stories featuring a calamitous space captain, the eponymous Captain Disaster. I have not yet added to the eleven episodes I wrote all those years ago, but I am in the process of making a series of point and click adventure games based around the character (he's changed rather a lot over the years, although Disaster is still his nature as well as his name).

The style of the stories is comedy science fiction, high on parody, wordplay and general chaos. Looking back it certainly could have been more clever in its development and often the plot was left at the door wondering what the hell happoned,

I'm releasing this collection as a "Pay What You Want, If You Want" eBook. If you like it enough to throw some money my way, or like the look of the games and would like to help support my endeavors to become financially able to devote myself to full-time game dev, you have my eternal gratitude.

For more information about the games, please visit the Dev Blog.

Excerpts from the eBook:

"Oh look, that's a pretty wormhole!" piped up Zero-bit.
"Get real! That's not a wormhole, that's a..... a..... that's a wormhole. Oh. What's a wormhole doing here, just outside junction eleven then?"
"Beats me. It seems to be quite a new one, too."
"How can you tell if it's new or not?"
"Er, well you wouldn't be able to because I filter it out before it gets to the cabin, but boy do they smell!"
"Aha. So, is that good?"
"Well, good and bad for the same reason. We might see a space-worm."
"Why would that be good?"
"Because we'd be the first ones to ever get pictures of one, and we could sell them and get mega-rich! Even richer than your relatives were in the height of their richness. And famous, we'd be famous beyond our wildest dreams!"
"My wildest dreams are rarely about being famous, but we won't go into that right now, ZB. What's the bad news?"
"We'd get fried if we got within 100 million miles of the thing."
"Aha. So, is that bad?"
"Weren't you listening to me?"
"No, I was just reading the autocue. Damned thing must have gone up the creek again."
"We're under attack from the evil Dark Maiden", wailed the voice of a Galgetronian. "She's got a new weapon, the Dead Guitar, which she's going to play with disastrous consequences for us all if you can't help us!"
"Oh. Anything else?", replied CD, sure that he'd heard this all before.
"Yes. The Dark Maiden just happens to have been corrupted from a good Judo Kite, who just happens to be the father of a trainee Judo Kite who was supposed to save us, but he forgot his lines and had to be taken away. Ubi-Two Kanubi happens to have died fighting the Dark Maiden, and not only that but the Torso is not with us any more!"
"The Torso? Not the Torso?!"
"Yes, indeed, the Torso of Inspector Semaphore!"

The Captain Disaster games are sponsored by gaming cryptocurrency GoldPieces. Basically I was given some crypto for the sponsorship which I was able to use to pay for some of the art and music used in the game. If you would like to make a donation using this cryptocurrency, please use the following wallet address: GWHtSozvYAcVfRQV5XGc9tYzAZ3TyhXasj

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Published156 days ago
TagsComedy, ebook, Parody, Sci-fi, short-stories


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