A downloadable game

This is a remake - more or less - of an Atari ST game I remember of the same name. I've recreated it with tiny representations of famous sci-fi movie / TV robots, and got my 6 year-old daughter to make all the sound effects for it.

It's designed to be a short game, but infinitely replayable (everything is randomised at the start of each game), and there are 5 difficulty levels.

Controls are:

S = Stand Still

The 8 keys around "S" will move you one space in the direction (W=Up, X=Down, F=Right, E=Up-Right, etc)

T = Transport (to a completely random location - but useful when all other hope of escape is cut off!)

Escape = return to title screen (from game) / exit game (from title screen)


Daleks v1.1.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

Download Daleks 1.1.zip, extract, and run winsetup for options (resolution, windowed etc) or Daleks to launch the game.